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Tsavo is the largest game reserve in Kenya by a very long way; it is in fact one of the largest game sanctuaries in the world.

In area it covers more than 20,000 sq km; to put this into perspective the 2 parts of the park (Tsavo East and Tsavo West) are larger than Israel and about the size of Wales.

The Tsavo soil is a very rich, red colour and this gives rise to the rather interesting (though somewhat confusing) sight of ‘pink elephants’ strolling across horizon! Among the rarer mammals that can be spotted here are Klippspringer.

Usually these shy animals stay high up on rocky escarpments but in Tsavo they can be seen amongst the lava boulders in the rather lunar landscape in the Chyulu area.

The bird life is as varied as the landscape, from the conspicuous flocks of Golden-breasted Starlings around most of the park to the dull, skulking Evergreen Forest Warbler in the Chyulu hills.

Tsavo is home to both species of Kenyan Ostrich with the Common Ostrich present in Tsavo West and the Somali Ostrich in Tsavo East. Hartlaub’s Bustard is found in both parts of the NP.

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