Star Gazing

At Great Rift Valley Lodge And Golf Resort

Take a detailed tour of the equatorial African sky with our well trained guides.

The sky amazes all in the way it depicts animals, people and items in the 88 identified constellations.

The Equator slices Kenya almost in half making it one of the very few places in the whole world where you can observe both the northern and southern hemisphere skies from one location.

A large part of the country is dry or semi-arid so by and largely there is very little precipitation making for clear skies.

Our guides cleverly bring in a cultural perspective as they elaborate on African mythology relating to stars.

This is a most unique experience, available also to the young through the Adventurers’ club.

At Samburu Intrepids

Samburu’s skies are stunning.

Close to the equator and lying on the edge of the northern hemisphere so close to the southern hemisphere, the resident naturalist can take you on a celestial journey helping you to identify more than 60 constellations of the 88 known ones.

You can spot the Southern Cross, the Scorpion and the Seven Sisters to countless others depending on the time of the year.

The Samburu are respected star-gazers with many stories relating to the heavenly bodies, including the planets.

Our guides will keep you looking at the heavens and make you night out in Samburu a celestial affair.

Available at Great Rift Valley Lodge And Golf Resort and Samburu Intrepids

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