Water Sports


Take classes if you are a beginner (at a charge) or if you are experienced, take out one of our Windsurfs and sail across the creek at an extra cost.

Available at:


Go under your own steam, in a single or double Kayak, or we can arrange someone to help you along.

There is no charge for using the Kayaks, please just ask any member of staff and they will get them ready for you.

If you would like us to ferry the Kayaks across the other side of the channel, it can easily be organized.

Provided at no extra cost.

Available at:

Fun Sailsboats

Take a quick lesson and learn to maneuver one of these fun sailboats, single or double occupancy.

Take the boat out sailing in front of Voyager Beach Resorts, North Coast Mombasa, Use of these boats at an extra cost.

Available at:

Snorkelling Trip to Kinyika

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